Our facilities

Our facilities, based on the outskirts of Coventry, are purpose-built and provide an excellent environment for the design, development and test of new machinery and processes. Our 2000 square meter workshop allows us to support customers with the build and development of advanced production solutions covering the entire product lifecycle from technology proving rigs and lab-scale equipment to full production lines. 

Molins facilities are easily accessible via excellent transport links from both within and outside the UK.


 Containment Room 4


Containment room facility for handling active pharmaceutical ingredients (API's)

Molins has the facilities for, and experience of, handling active substances and other hazardous products. Our containment room is ISO 7 (class 10,000), designed to protect our personnel when working with API’s and other similar materials.

Due to its nature the containment room is an inherently clean environment, therefore also ensuring that small particles which can have an adverse effect on production processes are effectively managed. The containment room provides a regulated environment including temperature and humidity control. Ceiling mounted High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters deliver unidirectional direct filtered air downward in a constant stream to encourage the flow of airborne particles towards the floor. Low wall air ducts with F6 + twin HEPA filters filter potentially contaminated air during recirculation. The containment facility at Molins has been designed to allow access for installation and removal of larger pieces of equipment as necessary via twin access doors and an air lock.

Powder dosing trials

During the development of new pharmaceutical formulations, the evaluation of both the powder characteristics and the dosing technologies that could be suitable for commercial production is vital. Dosing trials early in the product lifecycle support formulation development, selection of a suitable dosing method and subsequent production equipment. Changes to dosing processes late in the development cycle introduce risk relating to production performance and also potential regulatory validation issues. Molins works closely with customers during early research and development to ensure an appropriate dosing method is selected for the production environment.