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See what it’s like to work here first hand; read career stories where our employee’s share their thoughts and experiences. 

  • Geoff Mayes Applications Manager
    Geoff Mayes Mechanical Engineer Joined Molins – June 2003
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    Following 7 years grounding in manufacture I joined Molins to widen my engineering background to include concept design through to detailed analysis and drawings.

    Molins provided the diversity I was looking for offering me great experiences to build on my career.

    Some of my experiences at Molins have included a basic grounding in design work and the design, build and testing of a significant proportion of several development projects.

    Currently I am working within a team to engineer a major production project within Molins. 

  • Placement Student
    Edward Eades Internship July 2014 - 2015
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    The benefit of a company like Molins is the range of experiences it provides, throughout my time at this company I have been exposed to all aspects of engineering across a range of sectors. I have had involvement in design activities, detailing of parts and procurement through to physical assembly, machine development and running.

    Being surrounded by friendly, experienced and successful engineers and developing technical, complex machines that are at the forefront of innovation has provided me with an excellent grounding to further my career.

    I have felt a real sense of achievement since joining, therefore I would recommend an internship at Molins to anyone looking for an experience that will broaden their engineering knowledge.

  • Placement Student
    Helen Miller Internship July 2008 - 2009
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    During my time at Molins I was part of a team of engineers working on projects. This allowed me to see all the aspects of each project, from initial concepts to machine delivery, as well as explore my own ideas in an environment of like-minded people. A thriving social atmosphere with the other students and young graduates, as well as the rest of the company, only served to add to my time there.

    I would sincerely recommend to anyone an industrial placement at Molins, I believe my experience was invaluable to my future career.

  • Placement Student
    Tom Blackmore Internship July 2008 - 2009
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    When working at Molins I was involved in all aspects of engineering: New product design, design of new components using CAD, the development of existing machines, the build of new machines and general office jobs and ordering of parts.

    I gained a huge understanding of how engineering projects are run in the ‘real world’. I learnt so much that could not be taught at university by being involved in projects from their early stages to completion; including the manufacture and build of components and machine modules.

    My overall experience was good and was helped by there being lots of other students and graduates working there, we regularly went out for a curry or to the pub for a drink of an evening. I also enjoyed using the sports facilities at Warwick University and cycled with a local cycle club – of which there are many.

    I would recommend an internship to other people who enjoy a variety of work. For that reason I would also consider returning in the future.

  • Placement Student
    Jack Walker Internship July 2008 - 2009
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    A placement/career at Molins isn’t like any other and within the first week of my internship I quickly came to realise this.

    Team work is important here as engineers from mechanical, electrical and software backgrounds have to come together to create the high spec machines demanded by the international clientele.

    During the year my role was ever changing; from designer to machine developer; seeing projects from the drawing board to production. This allowed me to develop many new skills whilst stretching those I gained at university.

    A focus on innovation and quality was evident at Molins and I’d recommend an internship/career here to anybody that enjoys facing new challenges in a range of industry sectors.