Dow Corning Plasma Processing


Dow Corning, the leading innovator in chemical and materials science, developed a new technology to enable customers to design and customise the surface characteristics of their products but without affecting their bulk properties. Known as Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Liquid Deposition (APPLD), the technology can deliver barriers against oxygen and water in packaging, extra absorbency for adhesive and coating processes and anti-microbial coatings.

Dow Corning needed a machinery partner to develop and build a commercially viable ‘lab-scale’ solution with which to take their new technology to market, with specific target markets being those using reel-based substrates in their manufacturing processes. A key requirement was that the machine solution should be capable of handling a wide variety of reel-fed materials, ranging from paper to woven textiles to steel.


We drew upon our expertise in web handling and converting to develop an economical and flexible solution for this process. The machine process included the reel handling systems, plasma treatment chamber and the metering and application of chemical precursors as a key part of the APPLD technology.

Whilst specific machines were delivered for particular applications the design itself is flexible to accommodate a wide range of different materials and applications. As always, Molins maintained a close relationship with the Dow Corning research and development staff to ensure that our solution to scale up production did not compromise product integrity.


Molins delivered a fully-integrated, compact machine solution which provided a flexible platform for very different material substrates. Multiple machines are now in operation with a range of material types including fabrics and steel. Modular design allows us to deliver new equipment rapidly as new applications adopt this technology.

We continue to support this equipment through our Aftermarket department, helping to ensure the continued success of our customers.