High-speed Device Assembly


A customer required a manufacturing solution for high-speed assembly of a new personal care product. The process involved the feeding, orientation and assembly of a number of injection-moulded and absorbent components, each of which required inspection at various stages throughout the process.


We provided a continuous motion, rotary turret machine solution to assemble and process the components at a rate of 400 per minute. Components are fed from bowl feeders and are verified as they enter the machine. As well as the core assembly processes, other key processes included precision insertion, hot-forming and 100% vision-based inspection of product at various points throughout the cycle.


The solution provided the customer with a highly-productive process for launching a new product with high value-added features to the market. Our high-speed solution with integrated quality control significantly improved the cost of goods sold compared to similar products. Waste was significantly reduced as quality issues were identified at individual component level, preventing sub-standard materials from entering the process.