High-speed Moulding and Panning


A multi-national client required a manufacturing solution for a well established food product. Their aim was to improve yield and significantly reduce costs by replacing 5 existing low-speed machines with 1 new high-speed machine and to eliminate product waste in transfer to down stream process.


We delivered a twin-lane moulding machine with an integrated, robust high-speed panner for reliable transfer of product to down stream process. The design included a novel automated process for obtaining easy access for maintenance and cleaning purposes. The entire solution was provided on a fast track delivery schedule in just seven months and careful planning with the client enabled a vertical volume ramp-up into production.


The new machine represented a 5x speed increase in comparison to the previous machines. This enabled the 5 existing machines to be replaced by just 1 new machine, with significant savings in labour, floor-space, running and maintenance costs. The new process significantly reduced product waste and yield of finished product was notably improved allowing the customer to meet production targets with ease.