Innovative Packaging for Tobacco


Advertising through traditional channels is highly regulated in the tobacco industry. Packaging is a key way for companies to differentiate their products. Novel carton design can go further than simple graphical enhancements to reinvigorate brands by encouraging customers to share and discuss the novelty of the new package. The key is finding the enhancements that will be accepted by the consumer before moving toward mass production.


Molins applied its disciplined risk managed process to the design of a new carton with distinctive branding. The new package included a feature to reinforce an existing and very recognisable component of the brand. Beginning with the new product development stage we crafted the blanks required to form the carton and were able to retrofit existing, well-proven machinery to assemble and fill the cigarette pack. At this stage, the customer decided to conduct market trials in three different European markets and we were able to support the low-volume, high-quality manufacturing required.


Within 9 months of the initial concept market trials were successfully conducted. Our approach to risk combined with strong project management ensured a rapid lead-time and successful engineering solution. Concept quickly became reality and the pack has since been launched successfully on a multi-national scale.