Novel Tablet Processing


A new product innovation for dishwashers required a new process to commercialise the product. Tablets are a convenient way for consumers to control the required dosage of products in household tasks. The concept was to combine a gel based ingredient with the powder based tablet. The two components had significantly different properties, but needed to be bonded together without causing adverse affects on either component. Once the product specifications had been finalised a process and machine to support mass production were required.


We used a rigorous product testing methodology to identify the best method for processing and assembly of each of the tablet components. Molins also designed and developed the optimum technology for the handling and feeding of the tablets at very high speeds. Design of Experiment approach was conducted to understand the process parameters for liquid dosing resulting in the optimal finished product. After product engineering and technology proving, a machine was designed and built to economically produce the product.


Molins delivered a novel and robust process for manufacturing a high quality product. With our innovative process our customer is able to produce this product at similar costs to more conventional tablets, whilst the novel features differentiate the product from its competition.