Presentation Packaging


Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin (VCP) required a fully automated solution for the construction of a new, luxury presentation box. The famous champagne house wanted to create the first industrially produced, eco-friendly luxury packaging solution.

The Design Box is made up of two parts. The complex inner drawer (barquette) starts life as a flat blank and the outer sleeve (fourreaux) as a pre-glued skillet. VCP required the bottle to be inserted into the drawer at a specific orientation, with careful handling to ensure that no damage occurs on the bottle or label during the process. Following this, assembly of the inner drawer into the outer sleeve was required to complete the final pack.


Creating a fully automated process required an innovative approach, and the expertise to integrate complex custom machinery with standard solutions. We worked with VCP and Design Box converter SCA Packaging, assisting in product design to optimise the carton blanks for automatic handling. Sustainability and environmental impact were important factors for the customer in the creation of the new presentation box and this was followed through in the design of the packaging process.

Two Fanuc robots start the fully automated process by loading stacks of the flat blanks directly from the pallet into magazines. The robots are also utilised to manage waste packaging recovery for recycling. To construct the inner drawer, a bespoke multi-station rotary turret was designed. Erecting such a complex, multi-folded drawer from a very large flat blank required us to draw upon our vast product handling experience and the result represents a milestone in box forming technology.

Transferring the inner drawer to the bottling turret presented some further challenges. Molins delivered a transfer station capable of changing both the pitch and the orientation of the drawer, so that it was ready to receive the bottle. Furthermore, as conventional methods may have damaged the labelling or bottle, a special star-wheel arrangement was used to feed the high-value bottles of champagne into the process. In-process inspection was also provided. The special purpose machinery was then integrated with  a ‘Chinook’ side load cartoning machine by Langenpac.This machine erects the outer sleeve and pushes the boxed bottle inside to complete the assembly of the Design Box.


The complete automation of the process has enabled the customer to significantly cut costs in comparison to the previous, labour intensive, off-site manual operation. Molins delivered an innovative solution which gives the customer high productivity, consistent quality and minimal waste. The machine is integrated with other standard machinery to fully automate the customer’s production environment providing the customer with a prestigious, industry first production line.