Singulated Processing of Tablets


Our customer challenged us to design a single, integrated solution which would complete a number of previously separate processes within the same machine. There was also a requirement to incorporate 100% inspection of key process features on each tablet.



We applied our proven stage-gate methodology to complete feasibility and technology proving studies for the high-risk processes. This was followed by design and development of a high speed, indexing machine with innovative tablet feeding, precision printing, tablet processing and in-line vision inspection. The inspection system checked for damage and utilised Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to verify that the correct information was included on each tablet. Control of the tablets is maintained throughout the machine leaving no opportunity for loss or damage as the tablets proceed through the process.



Molins delivered an innovative machine for mass-production of a novel product. The integrated solution provided significant savings in floor space, labour and work-in-process. 100% inspection ensures that defective tablets are not sent on to the next process and overall quality and reliability downstream is improved.