µ-check Reliable Powder Weighing

Automatic system for checkweighing pharmaceutical powders in blisters

The μ-check provides a reliable and fast method of weighing the contents of individual powder filled blister cavities in a controlled and repeatable manner (readability 0.01mg).  

It is an invaluable aid to support filling lines during dosing system development, clinical trials and production quality assurance. The machine has been designed to handle either blisters in strip format (individual blisters, single or twin lane multidose strips) or disks. Operators can select an existing product for testing, or set-up and store a new recipe for use via the intuitive colour touchscreen interface. 

The blister strip or disk is simply manually loaded into the machine by the operator, the μ-check extracts the contents of the blister pocket, determines the sample weight and displays the results.  The data can then be printed to its own dedicated printer or exported as required. 

This robust and versatile bench top module is easy to operate and maintain, is cost effective and its portable size makes it optimal for use in the laboratory, clean room or at-line.

System Repeatability (based on a 60 dose test) 

  Foil Backing   Paper Backing

Typical deviation of the measured vs. true average dose weight

±0.015mg ±0.025mg
Typical repeatability 0.06mg



Full specification details are available to download in pdf format or for further details please contact us.