Pharmaceutical packaging machines

At Molins, we specialise in pharmaceutical packaging machines and have developed special purpose machinery solutions for the handling, filling and packaging of pharmaceutical powders, tablets, inhalers, liquids and gels. We provide development support for new drug delivery platforms and offer solutions across the entire product lifecycle, from clinical trials to mass-production and ‘next generation’ equipment.

Our depth of experience in this field and approach to risk management ensures project success and world-class performance in production. We deliver production line solutions worldwide and are experienced in GMP, GAMP 5 regulatory requirements and deliver fully-validated machine solutions.

Pharmaceutical packaging machines for micro-dosing pharmaceutical powders

One of our core strengths is the development of pharmaceutical packaging machines for micro-dosing pharmaceutical powders into blisters. We have developed a range of products for the pharmaceutical industry around this technology alongside our special purpose machinery offering: µ-fill, for filling and µ-check, for checkweighing.

We have experience handling delicate powders and ensuring product integrity throughout the dosing process.

As specialists in the pharmaceutical industry, we understand the importance of the procedures that must be put in place to maintain the chemical structure of the product. Experienced in these challenges, our pharmaceutical packaging machines have been specifically developed to be sensitive to these fragile chemicals and specialised ingredients. To overcome these challenges, we always work closely with our customers to ensure that their products reach the consumer in perfect condition.